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Our vehicles

With our fleet of vehicles, including vans, trucks, and specialized delivery vehicles, we ensure that your shipments are handled with precision and care, even for critical and time-sensitive deliveries. Count on our dedicated team to deliver personalized service and reliable solutions that exceed your expectations, ensuring secure and efficient delivery across the UK and Europe, including same-day delivery options. 
Discover why countless businesses trust 
Twenty4 7 Logistics for their delivery services. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your logistics requirements.

For more detailed information on our fleet, including illustrations of our vehicles, please refer to the section below.

small vans


Length: 1.5m

Width: 1.1m

Height: 1.2m

Payload: 400Kg

Medium Van


Length: 2.0m

Width: 1.3m

Height: 1.3m

Payload: 800Kg

Large van


Length: 3.8m

Width: 1.5m

Height: 1.7m

Payload: 1100Kg

Extra large van


Length: 4.2m

Width: 1.5m

Height: 1.7m

Payload: 1200Kg

Luton box


Length: 4.0m

Width: 2.0m

Height: 2.0m

Payload: 1000Kg+Tail Lift

luton curtain side


Length: 4.0m

Width: 2.0m

Height: 2.0m

Payload: 1000Kg+Tail Lift

7.5t vehicle


Standard Pallets: 10

Euro Pallets: 12

Payload: 2.5T

18t vehicle


Standard Pallets: 14

Euro Pallets: 18

Payload: 8.5T



Standard Pallets: 26

Euro Pallets: 33

Payload: 25T

Specialist vehicles

HIAB (Crane) or Moffett

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