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Fulfilment service

Twenty47 Logistics Fulfilment service removes all of the frustration from your order fulfilment operation

We take delivery and store your goods:

We have 12,000 pallet spaces in a secure and controlled warehouse.

We pick, pack and process your orders for you:

Fast processing is ensured by our pick and pack service, carried out by our dedicated team of warehouse operatives who follow your unique packaging requirements.

Quality control and shipping:

We have strong connects with leading courier companies, guaranteeing the best possible levels of service and most competitive rates

The steps of the order fulfilment process

Traditionally, there are five key steps of the order fulfilment process.

1. Goods In: Your stock arrives at the warehouse or fulfilment centre

2. Warehousing: Stock is placed into storage before orders are received

3. Pick and Pack: Items for each order are gathered and packaged ready for shipping

4. Shipping: Goods are sent via a courier to the customer

5. Returns: Any returns are received by the fulfilment centre and processed accordingly.

At Twenty47, all of these steps are managed and optimised by our order fulfilment software, creating a seamless experience for you and your customers​.

Image by Ruchindra Gunasekara

How does the order fulfilment process work?

1. Goods in

Twenty47 create an account for you via our order fulfilment software, enabling you to integrate your online store, set up your products, and send your stock to one of our global fulfilment centres.​

After this, we receive your inventory where we check it carefully. Then, we add barcodes, photos, weights and dimensions for each item to the system. This lays the foundations for accurate, efficient fulfilment later in the process.

2. Warehousing and Storage

Then we find space for your stock in one of our fulfilment centres. We put small, fast-moving lines into pick storage, ready for fast delivery, while larger items stay on pallets.​

Thanks to the information collected about each item as part of the goods in stage, we can segregate and trace batches, only charging you for the exact space your items take up.​


You can monitor your inventory in real time, by using our order fulfilment software.​

3. Pick and pack

Pick and pack is the biggest factor that impacts on customer experience. It is vital to ensure that the correct items arrive on time and free of damage.​ 


With our expertise, technology and processes, we pick and pack orders with an industry-leading accuracy of 99.9%, providing updates to you and your customers on each order in real time.​ 


We also offer a range of recycled and recyclable packaging and void fill options as standard, ensuring each order is packed safely and securely whilst being eco-friendly.

4. Shipping

Once your orders are picked and packed, they are then despatched through our global courier network.​ 


We ensure that 98.0% of all orders are despatched the same day. Every one is automatically allocated to the most cost and time effective shipping service, all whilst your customers track its progress in real time.​ 


We deliver fast, affordable and trackable shipping which keeps customers coming back for more. 

5. Returns management


92.0% of shoppers say that they would from a business again if the returns process is easy. Our returns management service delivers a simple and straight-forward experience.​ 


Our first action is to eliminate returns that should not happen – These are due to incorrect or damaged items. We also make it easy for customers to initiate and track returns online.​ 


Finally, we receive and process returns quickly meaning you can refund customers and re-stock products as quickly as possible.


We can Fulfil orders from all your channels thanks to our eCommerce platform integrations​. 

Twenty47 offers a wide range of eCommerce platform integrations, so it’s quick and simple to set up our order fulfilment service., regardless of which online shopping cart you use. 

  • Integrate your eCommerce platform with our software in just a few, simple clicks -  There is no need for a developer​  

  • We retrieve orders automatically then pick, pack and ship them from one of our global fulfilment centres​ 

  • If you do not use any of our existing integrations, or would like a custom set up – you can also use our open API / EDI. 


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